Blackmagic Ursa Mini

Ask yourself, why wouldn’t you buy an FS5 for less? That’s what everyone should do when choosing a camera like this to buy.

Earlier today, Blackmagic put out a 1 and a half our video, and they couldn’t even get the audio synchronized? Anyway, here’s the major points;

-Same 4.6k sensor, and 120fps (not great in low light)
-many new external manual buttons (less time in menus is a plus)
-inbuilt ND filters (this is a winner for me)
-4 audio channel recording, and an “iphone” headphone jack, that’ll accept the inline mic
-2x CFast slots (not CF cards), and 2x SD slots (regular SD cards will only be able to do HD)
-future SSD backplate accessory (for longer recording) (however, it’s quite unwieldy)
doesn’t come with lens mount (each sold separately)
-$5,995 usd (plus a minimum of $175 for an EF mount)
-discounts for Blackmagic Ursa owners (probably as an apology for it)

They say this is a studio, film, and documentary camera, but its poor low light performance compared to the FS5 (which is cheaper) doesn’t really suit that category, and the FS5 has a higher FPS. As a studio camera, their own Blackmagic Studio Cameras are much cheaper. So we’re back to film, where the lighting is controlled, and the amazing 15 stops of the 4.6k sensor, but is a few extra buttons and ND filters really worth the price hike for you?

I would have bought the old Ursa mini if it had better low light performance, as it stands, I’m going to keep my eyes on Sony. But I think Blackmagic are starting to listen to their customers, instead of thinking things like attaching a HUGE monitor to the side of their camera is a good idea. In the mean time, I’ll keep my BMPCC.

for the other part of the presentation, they talked about DaVinci Resolve, and I’ll admit that I skipped most of it, but the important parts were;

-new and affordable hands on colour correction surfaces (usually prohibitively expensive)
-it can now edit (who cares? we all use adobe anyway)
-Linux compatible (… now I care about editing)

Unlike stubborn old Adobe, Blackmagic allows us to use Linux, because most of us are tired of stubborn old Windows, “NO! I DON’T WANT TO UPDATE!” On top of this, you can have the full version for free…. if you buy their new Ursa Mini Pro.

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