Sub $5,000 Slow Motion

So I never used to buy cameras for their slow motion, but I’ve begun to notice that I’m limited in my side jobs because of this. Plus, I’d like to experiment and have fun.

But what cameras can I afford for just their slow motion? (100fps and over)

Sony RX100 IV/RX100 V/RX10 II/RX10 III 960fps/1336×384(PAL)
Sony α99 II/α6300/α6500 120fps/1080p(NTSC), 100fps (PAL)
Sony α7R II/α7s(NTSC only) 120fps/720p(NTSC&PAL)
Sony α7s II 120fps/1080p(PAL)
Sony AXP55 100fps/1080p(NTSC&PAL)
Sony FS700(cheap second hand) 960fps/resolution unknown, but low
Sony AX100 (handycam) 100fps/720p(PAL)
Sony x3000 (sports camera) 120fps/1080p
Sony AS300 (sports camera) 120fps/720p
Canon 5D Mark IV 119.9fps&100fps/720p
Canon XC10 119.98fps/720p(NTSC)
JVC GY-HM200/HM170/LS300 120fps/1080p (poor sales information)
JVC GC-PX100 (handycam) 600fps/320×176
Panasonic AG-AC30 120fps/1080
Panasonic FZ1000 100fps/1080 (apparently there is a 300fps unicorn** version)
Panasonic HC-X1 120fps/HD (it doesn’t specify a resolution)
Panasonic HC-PV100 100fps/1080
Panasonic HX-A1 (sports camera) 120fps/848×480
BlackMagic URSA (can be found cheap)(unclear if 4k and/or 4.6k) 150fps/1080p, 120fps/RAW 4K
BlackMagic URSA Mini 120fps/1080p (cropped)
GORPO HERO5/4 BLACK 120fps/1080p
GOPRO HERO2 Professional 120fps/WVGA
DJI MAVIC 120fps/720p
DJI Phantom 4 120fps/1080p
DJI OSMO/OSMO+ (not pro or raw) 100fps/1080p
Olympus XZ10/SP100/SH2/SH1/SH60 240fps/432×324
Olympus TG Tracker 240fps/720p
Olympus TG4/TG3 240fps/320×240
Olympus TG870/TG860 240fps/640×360
Olympus VH-520 240fps/VGA
Olympus E-M10 Mark II/PEN-F 120fps/640X480
Nikon 1 J5/1 J4/1 V3/1 AW1 1200fps/400 x 144 (this is correct)
Nikon 1 J3/1 J2/1 J1/1 S1/1 V1/1 V2 1200fps/320×120
Nikon KEYMISSION 360/KEYMISSION 170 (maybe)(both sports cameras) 240fps/320p(NTSC), 200fps/320p(PAL)
Nikon S9700/S9600/S9500/S9400/S800C/AW120 240fps/320×240 (unclear)
Nikon S9300/S9200 (models below this are labeled poorly) 120fps/640×480 (vauge)
Kodak PIXPRO SP360 (360º camera)  240fps/848×480
Kodak PIXPRO SPZ1 (sports camera) 120fps/something
Samsung NX500 120fps/720p
Samsung NX1 120fps/1080
iON air pro 3 (sports camera) 120fps/720p

The Panasonic GH4 is an honorable mention with 96fps, I also didn’t include phones of any kind, or the plethora of the knock off cameras. There is also bound to be brands that I missed, so please let me know what I missed below. This page is a starting point for you to know what cameras to look at, most these cameras do better resolutions at slower speeds. I’m giving you only max frame rates, otherwise this page would be massive, and it shouldn’t be that hard to find, for the harder info, I put a few links below.

I also put as much relevant information that was stated on their pages (hidden pages), like “NTFS”, “PAL”, and “p” only if it was written clearly.

This took quite a while, and it was a mess of pages, hidden facts, and out of date pages, if anybody who writes the blurbs on cameras read this, please make this information easier for your potential customers to get.

References –

Click to access brochure.pdf

*Under $5,000aud
**there is conflicting evidence for there being a 300fps version.
***I’m going to go out and buy a nikon 1 camera tomorrow

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