There’s their blurb video. The GH line from Panasonic was always mostly snubbed by indie film makers (ignoring its photo potential here) because of it’s MFT 2x crop factor, which made a shallow depth of field difficult to get. The price range targeted people who only have 1 camera, and normally just fresh out of film school, meaning they want that artsy look. (check here for sensor size explanations)

The sensor size issue could either be used as an advantage in documentary making, or overcome with speed boosters, but speed boosters are expensive, so Panasonic fought in other ways. The GH4 introduced internal 4K, internal 10bit video, and higher than 60fps video in a small form and super flexible setup. No Sony, Blackmagic, and especially Canon was offering this level at this price. I was one of many that thought that Panasonic was going to slow down, but here is how they pushed it since 2014;

  • 4k 4.2.2 10bit internal video
  • 4k 60p (depending where you live, maybe 50p)
  • 5 axis optical stabilization (reminiscent of the Sony cameras)
  • Dual card slots for relay recording, for those long days of video
  • Improved autofocus for days when you don’t have a focus puller
  • 180fps for 1080p
  • Bluetooth, NFC, and wifi to display on your phone
  • 400 mbps codec promised in a later firmware update
  • Even a 6k 24p *promise*

With it’s price of nearly $3000 (aud), I’m going to hold out and buy a used Sony FS700… I think this is a seriously good camera, but not at this price point. This camera seems much like a documentary/event camera, but it feels unprofessional to have to say, “I know it looks like a photo camera, but it’s actually really good”. On that basis, I won’t buy this camera. Sure the sensor size can be fixed, but at what cost? Sure it can do documentary, but at what cost to your future prospects?

For beginners, this camera is sort of okay because you can have fun with high fps, and the 4K is now relatively future proof, but if you can come across $3k, then buy a cheaper camera, and save for twice as long to get an FS5. I wouldn’t be so against it if they did an NEX to VG10 body change, like the af100, to make the explanations non-existent.


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