So, I have no trouble writing, or coming up with ideas, but I get board and search for new cameras to buy.

I’m not the only one with this trouble, many of my film making friends don’t even get as far as me before they start talking about wanting a new camera, and become consumed by it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your camera you already have is probably already good enough. I promise you, look at “Blair Witch Project”, it’s not the camera. Break out your phone and get out there and practice your skills if you want.

Or, I put this challenge to you, write and FINISH a script that you will film on your phone. Find those story telling chops, and flex them. You’ll be better off for it.

I’m now going to stop procrastinating, and finish this script that I’m writing. So should you.

(the feature image is from an app that shows framing, taking focal length and sensor size. and shown is an assortment of my procrastinations (also known as cameras))

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