Pixel Binning Fallacy

If you’re looking at cameras, and see that this camera you want is free of pixel binning, and you-
But you really don’t know what it means.

Fear not, you probably will not see an actual camera with pixel binning. Since it’s a process used by CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor cameras. It is a process used to have less bandwidth in camera, meaning cheaper components. On top of this, CCD sensors are slowly being phased out anyway.

Yes, you can still buy CCD cameras, but if you see a company spouting “now with no pixel binning!”, then you can just dismiss this as advertising jargon. Considering that I could not find an example of a brand line of camera that changed from CCD to Cmos (or Cmos equivalent), without being changed to a new brand line of camera.

Sure it’s good to not have pixel binning, but it’s not really worth disregarding cameras because they don’t have it advertised. Besides, pixel binning can actually reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, giving you a cleaner image, in the right circumstances.

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